Monday , 4 July 2022
The High Authority of Transition is probably fed up with opposition militants demonstrating oustide the capital city´s Court whenever a trial linked with the political crisis takes place. The trial related to the mutiny that occured at the basecamp of Ivato on November 17, 2010, was consequently transferred to Fianarantsoa, more than 320 miles away south of Antananarivo. The trial is back on track on October 10th

The trial of the BANI basecamp mutiny transferred to Fianarantsoa

This is not to the trialed soldiers´s liking. They are currently being detained inside the prison of Tsiafahy.   
On November 17th, 2010, on the very day of the referendum imposed by Andry Rajoelina concerning his fourth Republic´s constitution, twenty officers incited their fellow militaries to put another transitional structure in place. The call went down like a lead balloon, and the circumstances of their arrest caused a stir