Wednesday , 7 June 2023
Another brick in the growing wall: Prison wardens and their staffs are lining their stand up to the current string of claims for better conditions. Their original trade mark: the ruling power is being granted a 72 hours long deadline in order to comply. Jail guards are, technically speaking, not allowed to tackle strikes. They did though. Could the ruling power dare the odds and challenge them, their reaction would be fully unpredictable.

Threats from behind bars : an ultimatum imposed by corrections officers

The armed forces were entitled to nearly whatever they wanted for having partly supported and partly not opposed the putsch conducted in March 2009. The High Authority of Transition used to focus on this priority out of fear of a potential immediate danger for its rule and generously stuffed its single genuine supporter. Practitioners, paramedics, school teachers and forests management department agents, all of them equally calling upon concrete improvement to reflect on their paycheck, are definitely not a big deal to the transitional regime compared to the army’s relevance. Although, continuously stacking up claims are just as so definitely overwhelming the transitional power. The trend must have inspired prison wardens. The armed forces defending the ruling power got what they wanted, so why not civil servants supposed to serve the people?