Saturday , 2 July 2022
The High Authority of Transition supportive armed forces had the opportunity to save some of their tear gas on Wednesday. Demonstrators went down to the capital city’s streets again in order to enter the Place of Democracy. The transitional ruling power held their watchdogs back and rather sent this time around a gang of young junkies throw stones at the demonstrators. Panic and chaos swiftly overcame Antananarivo’s central part.

Unidentified civilians take the law into their own hands and stone demonstrators in Analakely

“Civilians dealing the hard way with civilians” so sounds the High Authority of Transition’s latest idea expected to put an end to the inconvenient and no ending string of peaceful demonstrations. Scores of social fields are now openly and insistently stating their malcontent. The professor Paul Rajaonarivelo newly set a “Public Salvation Comittee” up following the FREE FM radio station’s demonstration severely dismantled by the HAT’s forces on May, 19th. Since their politically motivated repressive action happened to be a cause for concern, the very same armed forces put a low profile up on Wednesday. Junkies “miraculously” appeared on the scene to do the dirty job in their stead. Perfect timing, isn’t it?