Friday , 20 May 2022
A 31 years old Frenchwoman was found lying dead on a beach north from the southern city of Toliara. Her friend is still missing. The general direction of the national state police and even the armed forces’ top command are jointly addressing the issue. Locals have never seen this before. An exceptional case, isn’t it?

Up to the ruling power’s armed forces’ top command clearing for action as a result of the murder of a French citizen

A Malagasy woman got her throat slit by outlaws in the district of the 64Ha in Antananarivo. A state policeman was murdered in Bezaha, in the country’s southern part. These were so-named casual incidents and definitely not the armed forces’ business.

Now that a young French citizen had to foot the bill, the army’s joint chief of staff and the top commanders of the national state police joined the scene of the crime together at a time. The purpose? Addressing the insecurity affecting the region, as displayed by this incident. Outstanding demonstration of care, isn’t it? Even four people have so far been arrested.