Sunday , 2 October 2022
The United Nations will be sending electoral experts to Madagascar within the next few days. They are deemed to come on April 20th. The current political debate, however, mainly addresses who will be allowed to run the upcoming presidential elections. Shortly said, who will be standing as candidate? The organization related issue has, for the time being, become secondary.

Who will be allowed to run the next presidential race? That is a question for UN experts

The United Nations sent experts to Madagascar in response to the new Independent National Electoral Commission’s demand. They are expected to address the organization of the next elections together with the team led by Beatrice Atallah, president of CENI.
As reflected by the endless discussions into the parliament, the real argument concerns first and foremost the identity of the future candidates in the upcoming presidential elections. Ravalomanana’s opponents are doing whatever they can in order to prevent the former president from standing as candidate. The amnesty bill certainly patched up for the sake of ruling him out happens to be part of their means to this end. Other groups are simply trying to eliminate all of the former presidents as well as Andry Rajoelina, the transitional leader.
Ravalomanana’s supporters are conscious that their leader enjoys quite a comfortable advantage according to various surveys’  results made public into the local newspapers.