Saturday , 2 July 2022
This is the story of a teacher and his student. Willy Razafinjatovo, nicknamed as Olala in Malagasy political circles, does vigorously defend the former judge of the International Court of The Hague, Raymond Ranjeva currently being trialed by the ordinary criminal court in Antananarivo.

Willy Razafinjatovo, a lawyer protesting against the trial of Raymond Ranjeva

“Raymond Ranjeva is a figure that has always been defending the human rights” reminded Olala. As an evidence of it, he stated that in 1971, Raymond Ranjeva fought in favor of an Andre Resampa, by the time suspected of treason and imprisoned by the regime. “How amazing is the current situation, for Resampa junior is now at the presidency” argued the lawyer. Haja Resampa is actually the current Secretary General of the transitional presidency. Willy Razafinjatovo equally denies the presidential title to Andry Rajoelina, “because he was not elected” he recalled. He holds the charges held against Professor Ranjeva as baseless. In response to the HAT’s justice minister, Christine Razanamahasoa, who recently declared that Raymond Ranjeva would not benefit from the suspension of criminal proceedings mentioned inside the roadmap for not being part of the opposition, Willy Razafinjatovo reiterated that the law is made for every Malagasy citizen and not only for opponents, knowing that the roadmap was recently turned by parliament into a law