Monday , 8 August 2022
Closed by Fredo Betsimifira, Government Andrianarivo Information minister and re-opened by Eric Beantanana, minister of Sylla Government, the two public channels have been strongly criticized due to their news really in favour of Ratsiraka 's system.

“National” Television (TVM) and “National” radio (RNM) come back to the air afte

During his
“time” it was very difficult for the opposition to express
themselves through TVM or RNM due to the censorship  imposed by
Fredo Betsimifira. This one did not support that the national
channels were used by the system and the opposition.

For him, TVM and RNM are tools of propaganda for the system in

This is what the staff of these two organizations push back
categorically from now. « TVM and RNM are no more used
only for one tendency, they are available for all political parties »
according to the employees common declaration. And furthermore
« whatever the system is, the President of Republic and
the Information Minister who will be there, we shall keep applying
this method for ever and a long term in order for the public
channels to avoid censorship ».

Right now, TVM and RNM have lost their unic distinction which is
the national scale. Other regions cannot receive the whole programs.
Some can watch a broadcast without the news which are replaced by
some attractive movies or by the program of foreign channels. The
reason is purely political. Fred Betsimifira would have given the
order to the information regional managers, who were appointed by
himself, to block the news.

Eric Beantanana of Sylla Government will have a lot to do for the
public channels to recover their “national” scale.

If not, TVM and RNM will have to change their ………names.