Thursday , 9 July 2020

3.2 million MGA of forged banknotes seized at Anosy

Police forces of the 5th Arrondissement seized forged banknotes amounting to 3.2 million MGA in front of the Cartlon Hotel Anosy in the night of October 29. Other two fake banknotes of 10 000 MGA was also discovered in the hands of a young man who tried to buy phone credit card with the fake banknotes. After quick investigation, the police arrested four individuals who were suspected to be involved in the case. These individuals were immediately put to custody while waiting for their trial.

Alerted by the Hotel Carlton security agents, the police arrived immediately on the spot and apprehended the young man trying to use the forged banknotes to buy a phone credit card. Two other individuals were also apprehended for having brought the money in front of the hotel. After interrogation, the two suspects confessed they received the money from somebody else and that the money was supposed to be used to buy gold in Maevatanana. A deeper investigation is already underway concerning this case of forged banknotes. However, the Police superintendent, Jean Marcel Rabenandrasana, warned the population of the capital to be vigilant in front of the current proliferation of forged banknotes.