Monday , 22 April 2024
Located some forty kilometers from the capital city center, the town named Ambatomanga reflects the uniqueness of the rural surroundings of Antananarivo.

Ambatomanga or the discovery of the typical outback of Antananarivo

It is a place both enjoyable and easy to join nowadays. In the capital city, Ambatomanga’s fame is increasingly spreading based on its cheese. Geographically speaking, the village of Ambatomanga is considered as a border town to the Imerina made of the capital city, Antananarivo, and the region of Vakiniadiana in the district of Manjakandriana. Still, the population keeps defining its identity as closely linked to the capital city. A large score of them still has more or less direct links with Antananarivo city. The beauty of the site is created by the fact that the village stands on a hillside, just the way they were generally commanded to by ancient Malagasy customs. The access to Ambatomanga and to its neighboring Commune, Alarobia, is now made much easier by the large scale restoration of the road linking the towns Alarobia and Ambatomanga to another town called Ambohimalaza on National Highway No. 2 in the East of Antananarivo. The furthest outskirts of the capital city are expected anyone eager to experience the original lifestyle of the countryside around Antananarivo.