Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Ambatovy: 29 million Ariary for the Lycée Technique of Moramanga

On February 15, the Lycée Technique of Moramanga hosted two major events, namely the graduation ceremony for the batch called “Fitsinjo” and the inauguration of the school’s brand new information resource center. The construction of the center’s building and other extension works of the establishment were financed by the mining firm, Ambatovy, with total funds of up to 29 million Ariary. In addition to the infrastructure, Ambatovy also provided the Lycée Technique of Moramanga with pedagogical equipments, including ten computers with installed technical software and about fifty books, amounting to 8 million Ariary.

Since the inauguration of the new center coincided with a graduation ceremony, Ambatovy awarded different prizes to the freshly graduated students, especially the best ones. The project is the fruit of the close collaboration between the mining firm and the Regional Department of Vocational Education of the Alaotra Mangoro Region, the priority of which consists in improving education in the operating zones of Ambatovy. As basic education provides solid foundation to the development of Madagascar, Ambatovy announced it will continue to invest in the effort of increasing school attendance and improving the quality of education in Madagascar.