Friday , 20 May 2022
Almost unknown, Andratsara is one of the unspoiled rare beautiful places waiting to be discovered

Andratsara, likened to the fabled island of Crusoe.

Those coming back jokingly call it ?Crusoe?s Island? such are they pleased with their visit to Andratsara, off the extreme north coast of Madagascar and a few kilometers from the town of Antsiranana. Look it up on the World Wide Web, you will probably be disappointed. Nevertheless, it?s true. This is no fantasy island of fantastic creatures. This is a real place recently discovered by about a hundred tourists and amateur climbers who have already enjoyed the extreme beauty of this rare ?desert island?. With stunning beaches and tsingy (unique knife like rock formations), the skin-divers and climbers have found their very own little piece of paradise.  Camping permits are not beyond the possible.