Friday , 21 June 2024
La montagne d'Andringitra ne manque pas d'atouts. C'est sans doute l'un des meilleurs endroits du sud présentant des paysages exceptionnels.

Andringitra et son paysage lunaire

Located in the southern center of the country, the Andringitra mountain range, thanks to a rural track built a few years ago, became easily accessible.  Better.  Tourist tours have been recently organized. One of those is the famous Diavolana circuit, which means “full moon”.  Indeed, the circuit, in high mountains, allows a great view at the outline of the semi-desertic landscape of the southern part of Madagascar.  A landscape which precisely reminds the surface of the the Moon.  Madonline will write a series of presentation of the various aspects of Andringitra, which becomes a high spot for tourism and trekking.  And to live in images, the adventure and the charm of the area: