Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Banking: BNI claims to hold 21% of the markets

The overall rate of bank subscription in Madagascar is about 11%, which is a fairly low rate given the number of population in the country. Actually, out of the 22 million Malagasy, only 550 000 have bank accounts. The figure provided by the bank BNI indicates that it holds 21% of the banking markets in Madagascar with 110 000 clients subscribing to the bank’s 28 agencies scattered throughout the country. The Director of Communication of BNI justified the market holding figure by stating that “from 35 000 clients prior to 2009, we currently have more than 110 000 clients, with 65 000 new clients over the period of 2009-2013.” Satisfied with its achievement so far, BNI plans to reach out for more clients and reopens its promotional campaigns. Various interesting offers, innovative products and other advantages will be made available by the bank throughout this year for its new clients, as part of its constant effort to provide the best quality services ever and to increase bank affiliation in Madagascar.