Tuesday , 5 July 2022

BMOI: opening of a new business center

Offering better services in modern and innovative settings, such was the slogan adopted by the bank BMOI while inaugurating its new business center, located at the Galerie Eden, at Ivandry. The new business center is designed to accommodate the bank’s big clients, the majority of whom are local big firms. In fact, since its creation in 1989, BMOI has always been the bank of leading companies in the local market.

The new business center supplants the old one which was located at the Village des Jeux, Ankorondrano, and is supposed to provide the privileged clients with a more welcoming work and meeting place in terms of visual and environment, and especially in terms of services. As part of the same effort, the bank BMOI will open, in May, another new business center in the Province of Toamasina. The establishment of such a center in the economic capital of Madagascar is in line with the bank’s strategy of offering the best services ever and expanding and targeting a wide range of potential clients throughout the country.