Thursday , 23 May 2024


Andohan’Ilakaka: living in the dark for 2 months now

The small town of Ilakaka, located in the Commune of Ranohira, Region of Ihorombe has been living without electricity since the end of 2012. Being not connected to the JIRAMA network, the town of Ilakaka is supplied with electricity by a private company. After waiting for 2 months, the population has finally lost patience and started to express their grief ... Read More »

ONTM celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new slogan and more visibility

The National Tourism Office of Madagascar, commonly known as ONTM, is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. As part of that celebration, a new slogan has been established by the office in order to promote the destination Madagascar on the international tourism market. Thus, “Madagascar île authentique, un monde à part » (Madagascar a genuine island, a world apart) will be ... Read More »

Dr Ulrich Hochschild, the new Chargé d’Affaires of the German Embassy in Madagascar

The Federal Republic of Germany has just appointed a new Chargé d’Affaires, Dr Ulrich Hochschild, to serve in its Embassy in Madagascar. He succeeds the former Chargé d’Affaires, Dr Hans Dietel Stell who left Madagascar on February 22, after 2 years and half of tenure as a diplomat, and headed for the Viet-Nam where he will be the director of ... Read More »

Banking: BNI claims to hold 21% of the markets

The overall rate of bank subscription in Madagascar is about 11%, which is a fairly low rate given the number of population in the country. Actually, out of the 22 million Malagasy, only 550 000 have bank accounts. The figure provided by the bank BNI indicates that it holds 21% of the banking markets in Madagascar with 110 000 clients subscribing to ... Read More »

Infant health: a new program to fight against undernourishment

The official launch of the pilot phase of the program “Zazatomady” took place on February 21, in the Commune of Ampasina-Maningory, in Fenerive-Est. This new program is created by PSI Madagascar and is financially backed by UNICEF. Through it, the National Nutrition Office (ONN) plans to reinforce some measures already implemented locally that are in line with the effort of ... Read More »

The aftermath of the cyclone “Haruna”: various organizations provide emergency aids

Following the disasters caused by the cyclone “Haruna”, a certain number of local organizations, in partnership with international ones, provide emergency aids for the population in the south of Madagascar. One of these, the Malagasy Red Cross assists local disaster and risk management committees in managing emergency housing sites. As for UNICEF and Direau, they work for the establishment of ... Read More »

Ambatovy: 29 million Ariary for the Lycée Technique of Moramanga

On February 15, the Lycée Technique of Moramanga hosted two major events, namely the graduation ceremony for the batch called “Fitsinjo” and the inauguration of the school’s brand new information resource center. The construction of the center’s building and other extension works of the establishment were financed by the mining firm, Ambatovy, with total funds of up to 29 million ... Read More »

Rice growing: Reunion plans to purchase paddies from Madagascar

As reported by a local newspaper of the neighboring island, Reunion plans to purchase paddies from Madagascar. Such initiative is the outcome of the study conducted by the regional scientific network for the quality of food processing products, Qualireg, in 2011. The study concluded with the formal suggestion that Madagascar could meet Reunion’s needs in terms of organic rice destined ... Read More »

BMOI: opening of a new business center

Offering better services in modern and innovative settings, such was the slogan adopted by the bank BMOI while inaugurating its new business center, located at the Galerie Eden, at Ivandry. The new business center is designed to accommodate the bank’s big clients, the majority of whom are local big firms. In fact, since its creation in 1989, BMOI has always ... Read More »

Farming: MPE boosts the sector of aviculture

After boosting and sponsoring the pig breeding sector for many years, the “Malagasy Professionnel de l’Elevage” (MPE) is now working for the revival of other farming sectors, including aviculture. Currently, MPE is able to satisfy the needs of both the local and international markets. However, the organization still feels the need to expand the scope of its activity and to ... Read More »