Wednesday , 6 July 2022
The press noticed that those eventually found guilty of offense of opinion will be at least as severely repressed as child abusers by the Computer Crime Act in Madagascar.

Child abusers and media professionals

The newspaper La Nation has specified: “The ruling power’s will to crack down on offenses of opinion, namely, is definitely genuine in the country. This commitment is clearly reflected by the Act 2014-006. Its way to fight against computer crime has however lately been vigorously challenged by internet users and media professionals over the Great Isle. Indeed, the law expected to fight and deter crimes perpetrated with the use of computing devices happens to lack consistency. For instance, it has been noticed that even the worst forms of child abuse online would potentially be less severely punished than “defamation” and “insults” by the law which has been capturing much focus over the latest few days. The fine for crimes of child pornography, in other words, any use of pornographic material involving children, ranges from MGA 2 million to MGA $ 10 million, whereas “defamation” and “insult” will be punished by a fine reaching up to MGA 100 million. “