Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Farming: MPE boosts the sector of aviculture

After boosting and sponsoring the pig breeding sector for many years, the “Malagasy Professionnel de l’Elevage” (MPE) is now working for the revival of other farming sectors, including aviculture. Currently, MPE is able to satisfy the needs of both the local and international markets. However, the organization still feels the need to expand the scope of its activity and to render sustainable its sponsorship efforts.

 As poultry is one of the most demanded products on the markets, especially local ones, “MPE thinks it is high time to bring support to this particular sector”, declared its President, Solofo Rakokotondrahanta. In fact, since its creation 18 years ago, MPE has already operated in different farming sectors, including, among others, pig and cattle breeding, apiculture, aquaculture, and sericulture. During its 18 years of existence, MPE has been operating mostly in rural areas and has set sustainable rural development its priority target.

Also, over the years, a number of farmers from the regions of Bongolava, Vakinakaratra, Alaotra Mangoro, Analamanga, and Melaky have benefited from the organization’s support and assistance in the farming sector. The support provided by MPE helped farmers particularly to increase the quantity and quality of their products and to expand their know-how as regard to farming techniques.