Wednesday , 6 July 2022
The ditch between the FREE FM radio station's main reporters was growing too much to expect to be bridged again. Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy and Fidele Razara Pierre finally parted their ways after several years of cooperation. Lalatiana keeps on with her leading radio program ANAO NY FITENENANA with FREE FM, while Fidele Razara Pierre decided to go on for his own political program at the RADIO PLUS station, after a brief attempt to dare a step into the political court of big boys. His program and Lalatiana's happen to come on air at the same time.

Fidele Razara Pierre defects to the RADIO PLUS station’ staff

Fidele Razara Pierre’s radio program, which emulates FREE FM’s political debate program set back on track since the end of the year 2013, started up on Monday, February 3rd on the RADIO PLUS waves. Fidele Razara Pierre previously ran legislative elections in December in the capital city’s 2nd district, to not avail. Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy argued that he was basically supposed to recover his position at FREE FM, the station which he founded together with Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy, yet, decided to hit the road on his own. The FREE FM’ station’s newly shaped stand must have prompted him to leave office. The audience actually noticed changes, namely a newly forged friendship between FREE FM  and the MAPAR supportive of Andry Rajoelina, whereas the RADIO PLUS station seems vastly more willing to support the new President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, he, who is longing for keeping the former transitional leader at bay. The clash was consequently a mere matter of time. Only one last court case is still binding both reporters by now. The Court will render its verdict in the next coming weeks.