Tuesday , 5 July 2022
Following a short visit paid to her husband and her children still kept in exile in South Africa, the former Malagasy first lady returned to Madagascar, and each and every movement of hers seems to have turned into a major political event. She recovered the Airport of Ivato on Tuesday, February 4th together with her daughter in law Gergana Georgieva. No incident of any kind was reported.

Lalao Ravalomanana back to Antananarivo city

Things actually used to be different. Back in July 2012, Lalao Ravalomanana and Gergana Georgieva got straight away evicted by the transitional ruling power’s forces from the airport as they were attempting to recover Madagascar for the first time in the latest 4 years. Yet, things have changed ever since. Squads of reporters instead of soldiers welcomed the former first lady in Ivato. When asked about former president Marc Ravalomanana’s potential return home, she merely declared: “we take the matter before God”.