Sunday , 24 September 2023
In the south east part of Madagascar, those who seek an escape from the hurly burly of modern life will find it in Mananjary.

Mananjary, formerly the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

This town was once known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean because of the precious stones and revenues earned from its plantations. During colonial days gone bye foreign concessionaries made a fortune exploiting the richness of the coffee and clove plantations in the area. This situation no longer exists obviously. The colonial planters are long gone and the port they used to export local product no longer exists. But Mananjary has its attractions. Even without the material richness of bygone days, the town remains an attractive destination. The beach is still accessible to the public and the town is wondrous calm. Today colonial architecture exists side by side with local homes built with ?falafa.? Most of the locals make a living from small business or by fishing.