Saturday , 2 July 2022
It takes no longer than a single hour on the road towards the East of the capital city to reach Mandraka, one of the few central lands' places which preserved its original beauty with success. Not many tricky tracks up to there, only drive on the 2nd National Road towards the eastern Toamasina city to avoid any off target landing

Mandraka, discovery of the midde land’s nature and wildlife

Madagascar’s unique central eastern landscape welcomes the exhausted traveler having driven 40 miles to the East from the capital city over the National Road 2 towards the island’s eastern shores. Mandraka is a much of mountainous region. The national road snake winds its way through the heights and offer a spectacular spot to stare at the whole surrounding region of the Great Isle. The discovery of some of the most renowned snake species of the island is also worth the trip. Green is the dominating color. One walk up there on the mountain reveals the landscape of traditional rice fields extending over several miles. The place is definitely worth the stop