Saturday , 2 July 2022
The perfume island has not been banned by Italian tour operators in spite of the latest dramatic end of three people, among whom one French national and one French Italian national. Although the investigation is being actively carried on by the police forces, the reputation of Madagascar’s northern tourism safe haven has not suffered much, as reflected by the latest arrival of some 900 Italian tourists in Nosy Be.

Nosy Be island put back on track by the renewed rush of Italian tourists

Damages have been surveyed. Confidence has survived as a conclusion. In response to the latest tragedy which occurred on Nosy Be island, Italy was briefly considering the potential and immediate repatriation of all Italian citizens, and finally dropped the option. The local population largely making a living out tourism related activities is now relieved by the rush of brand new travelers. Italian tourists eager to enjoy the perfume island’s charms may take the direct flight which has been linking Milan to Nosy Be island anew since the opening of the famed five stars Andilana Beach Hotel