Monday , 4 July 2022
Nosy Hara , located in the northern part of Madagascar , is a submarine and coastal reservation of untold beauty. Its second to none Tsingy make the highlights of its touristic interest.

Nosy Hara: Adventure Archipelago

An archipelago made of ten small unoccupied islands in the northern region of Madagascar constitutes this peculiar marvel.  Marine resources are dangerously going low though, mainly due to excessive fishing. The archipelago was logically entitled to a decent place among the marine and coastal protected areas in Madagascar . The nomination process is underway. Human activity is recorded on only one island out  of the twelve, namely the island called Andranjara. On Andranjara island, a tourism company called Roc Newsea has been making a business out of the largely unknown archipelago’s potential for about ten years and offers various recreational and sports activities to visitors on the island, including climbing and other adventurous sports.  A thirty kilometers long track and with a short canoe or speed boat ride connects Andranjara to Antsiranana city’s mainland during the dry season.