Thursday , 23 May 2024
La forêt des Sept lacs se trouve à l’Est du plateau calcaire Mahafaly, l’un des derniers grands blocs de forêts primaires que compte l’île et qui s’étend sur près de 12500 km² de superficie dans la partie Sud-ouest de Madagascar.

Preserving the forest of the Seven Lakes

The Seven Lakes Forest is located in the east of the Mahafaly limestone plateau, one of the last large shares of primary forest on the whole of the island and stretches almost 12,500 km ² in the southwestern part of Madagascar.
This forest is a major component to the National Park of Tsimanampetsotsa, which stands in the region of Toliara II, in the south-west of the country. Seven Lakes Forest is an oasis of greenery in the middle of the bush, adorned with the spiny vegetation which distinguishes the area. Take a break, sit back or enjoy walks in the woods; the observation of the local wildlife which includes lemurs, caves and other cultural sites are equally part of the discovery of the area. The highlight of the show is the cascade of the seven lakes that are unfortunately no longer seven in number, for having suffered from the horrors of deforestation and environmental degradation. Landslides from the hills have stuffed some of these lakes! Environmental organizations such as WWF are currently committing to the preservation of the forest, and the management of the area is completed with the communities’ involvement. Tours have been created and developed and local guides, trained. Eventual profits directly support the local population. The turn leading to this place is located at junction of Andranovory, about 60 kilometers from Toliara. Another hundredth of kilometers on the National Road 10 still separates travelers from the sand and limestone track. A four wheel drive vehicle is best suited to the adventure.