Thursday , 1 June 2023
The transitional ruling power silenced the FJKM Protestant Church's RADIO FAHAZAVANA radio station four years ago. The country's new rulers have not yet taken a stand concerning its eventual reopenning.

RADIO FAHAZAVANA: Rajaonarimampianina’s ruling power keeping playing a deaf ear

On May 20th, a special worship rally got purposely organized to remember the day on which the radio station got silenced. On May 20th 2010, Andry Rajoelina’s ruling power shut the radio station down in the run of fighting a mutiny supported by Protestant parsons off. The way the RADIO FAHAZAVANA radio station covered the development of the events was obviously not to the ruling power’s liking. Before the sun went down on that day, its security forces stormed and searched the radio station’s facilities, and put ten of its employees under arrest. During this year’s remembrance rally held on May 20th at the FJKM temple of Ambatomena, Parson Fanomezantsoa, the main eyewitness of the events of May 2010, reminded that he too was arrested, investigated, tortured and finally put behind bars on May 22nd. As for Didier Ravohangiharison, the RADIO FAHAZAVANA radio station’s number one, who was also held in custody for a while, he merely declared: “I beg of you to ask Hery Rajaonarimampianina’s government to let the station to broadcast freely again, if you can.” It is widely noticed that the new ruling power generally turns a blind eye and plays a deaf ear whenever digging comes to shoveling. Together with the RADIO FAHAZAVANA radio station, several dozens of various other stations silenced by the transitional regional have not yet been allowed to come back on air.