Wednesday , 6 July 2022
Harry Rahajason, better known as Rolly Mercia, former minister in charge of the transitional Communication department, has been restored as leading Director of businessman Mamy Ravatomanga's press group. The group in question turns out bilingual daily newspapers MATIN and LA VERITE as well as INONA NO VAOVAO published in Malagasy language.

Rolly Mercia compelled to recover friendly territory

Articles written or approved by Rolly Mercia are back onto the headlines. The reporter served three years as Communication minister, and now recovers his previous occupation for having been left out of Kolo Roger’s government. The businessman Mamy Ravatomanga, whose public notoriety has grown during the transitional time, did not turn away from one of those who, together with Maka Alphonse, later on appointed as transitional congressman, brought contribution to his written press group. Rolly Mercia’s come back into the group rises rather mixed views. A large majority of his colleagues extensively blame his lack of will to do anything of any use in defense of free speech as he was supposed to as transitional Communication minister. The union of reporters found him wanting and first handedly required him to step down. According to the union, several dozens of radio stations have been silenced by the transitional power under Rolly Mercia’s mandate as Communication minister. The very same union is now keeping struggling to require these stigmatized radio stations to be allowed to freely broadcast again.