Wednesday , 6 July 2022

The aftermath of the cyclone “Haruna”: various organizations provide emergency aids

Following the disasters caused by the cyclone “Haruna”, a certain number of local organizations, in partnership with international ones, provide emergency aids for the population in the south of Madagascar. One of these, the Malagasy Red Cross assists local disaster and risk management committees in managing emergency housing sites. As for UNICEF and Direau, they work for the establishment of temporary latrines.

In terms of food and supplies, the World Food Program, in collaboration with Care International, has dispatched two convoys of foodstuffs and kitchen utensils to Toliary. The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is ensuring of the transportation of these different aids by providing a free of charge airplane. In all, more than 250 tonnes of foodstuffs from CRS, BNGRC, Care International, WFP, and MSF are currently available in the regions hit by the cyclone, along with kitchen utensils destined for 200 households. 

Some government ministries also bring their contribution in the emergency actions. The Ministry of Public Works, for instance, contributes to the repair work of the dike of Fiherenana. The destruction of the dike has caused the shortage of drinking water in different southern regions. To solve that problem, CRS, CRM, UNICEF and Direau will distribute up to 3000 households kits, including two water treatment devices and 200 water filters. Finally, regarding electricity, CPC, Jirama and MSF will join their efforts to provide the Toliary Hospital with a generator and fuel, allowing the latter to provide appropriate first care to all the disaster victims.