Thursday , 23 May 2024
In Mahajanga, the city of flowers, the leading beach of the chart is undisputedly the Grand Pavois, merely six miles away to the North of the city center. The popularity of the Grand Pavois is just as large among locals as holiday makers literally rushing there like a raid party.

The Grand Pavois and its assets

The waves are pretty nice at the Grand Pavois. They might not be as so dangerous as those of the Great Isle’s eastern seaside are, but definitely remain a challenge that is worth the try anyway. The beach is comparatively also much less polluted. Local wandering merchants regularly patrol along the beach to propose local products like donuts, smoked fish and various sorts of seafood from the West Coast. The beaches of Mahajanga are usually famed for their exceptional sunshine. The climate in the northwestern part of the country generally happens to be dry, unlike that of the eastern region where rainfall is quite important. However, sunshades available for rent in sufficient number right on the beach do guarantee a good time of relaxation when stepping out of the cool water