Monday , 8 August 2022
It was unimaginable a few years ago, two young people magaches opened a school of surfing in Mahambo, on the East coast.

The new surfing school in Mahambo

They are called, the Ralaimihoatra brothers.  Two young surf addicts, who travelled much in the world for this sport, have just opened a special school in the balneal site of Mahambo on the Malagasy East coast for the pleasure of the amateurs of surfing.  It is apparently in summer that the school attracts the most people.  The school is located within the Ylang-Ylang hotel.  The proposed trainings make it possible to acquire at the same time theoretical and practical knowledge on surfing.  The two brothers Ralaimihoatra, Fred and Gilles, are indeed convinced that the Large Island, with its 5000 kilometers of coast, have many great spots for the practice of surfing.  They chose Mahambo, approximately 20 kilometers of Foulpointe.  A site which deserves a visit.