Monday , 4 July 2022
In a long statement, the professional group gathered within Madagascar´s national office of Tourism makes no secret of its concerns in face of the Air Madagascar airline company´s difficulties of these latest months.

Tourism professionals appearing concerned by the consequences of the Air Madagascar airline company´s difficulties

Tourism has seriously been being affected by the year 2009´s political crisis which ruined the year 2008´s peculiar upswing in which the record number of 300.000 tourists was reached.  
The resumption has been being slow since 2010. The professionals´ faith is currently being put to the test, more than ever in the run of sanctions inflicted upon the national airline company. Air Madagascar actually appeared unfit to link the Great Isle and Europe.  
The tourism professionals are consequently reacting by sensitizing the authoritizing over Air Madgascar´s case. A relevant number of tourists visiting the country is indeed made of people from the Old Continent.