Saturday , 2 July 2022
Since the town continues to welcome tourists in ever increasing numbers the hotel owners have seen fit to establish a professional working group in this eastern town of Vatomandry.

Vatomandry Hotel Group Formed

To be found on the eastern coast of Madagascar, the town of Vatomandry welcomes more and more vacationers since the national highway that leads there has been redone. Hotels and new bungalows are being built to accommodate this increased traffic in a town that was not considered to have easy access before now. Hotel owners feel the need for a professional working Group to establish standards and cooperation. The Tribune writes, ?The official constitution of a professional hotel group has been accomplished here on the 25th March 2006. The initiative of the 12 founding members of the new group, GPHV, have been warmly welcomed by the local and national authorities. In fact the President of the Senate, representing the president himself, the Vice President of the National Assembly, the two ministers of Formative Training and of Public Services, the PDS from Toamasina and the regional head of Atsinanana have all made it a point to approve this new initiative. It is a crucial step that recognizes Tourism will be the engine that will drive our growing  economy  and long term sustainable development.