Wednesday , 6 July 2022
Christian Chadefaux is a French journalist who worked in Madagascar for several decades. He was forced out of from the country during Marc Ravalomanana´s time in power. His recent evidence of pragmatism concerning the management of the Transition and the evolution of the Malagasy political crisis unexpectedly created however the stir. Before the meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy and Andry Rajoelina at the Elysée, Christian Chadefaux wrote an open letter... to France. An open letter reported by Antananarivo´s newsgroups, content of which reads:

According to the French journalist Christian Chadefaux, Marc Ravalomanana “will come back to power”

“You are going to host on Wednesday, December 7th at the palace of the Élysée and for an interview, Andry Rajoelina, Madagascar´s young putsch making DJ who owes exclusively to you, dear France, his position as” president” of a transition dragging its feet in the post colonial soup of the France-African policy. Your ambassador in Antananarivo, Jean-Marc Châtaignier, is actually this policy´s purest representation, for his spiritual father is none but Alain Joyandet, your former minister in charge of Cooperation. Mr. President, do remember… The young Rajoelina took refuge inside France´s embassy´s facilities when tensions intensified at the beginning of 2009 in the Malagasy capital city, did he not? as a matter of fact a normal reaction for a French citizen, son of a French general, threatened by strangers, even though the latest ones happen to be his fellow citizens… What a perfect profile for a puppet used to recover control over Madagascar and expel Ravalomanana, the little milkman. Could the Quai d’Orsay and its handful of opened minded diplomats acquainted with Madagascar ever be heard and not the “élyséan rabble of france-african policy experts”, you would be wisely told to leave Ravalomanana recover the power he had to give up because of you, France. Could your ambassador in Antananarivo ever commit to do his job instead of attending fashion parades, inaugurate latrines (!) and publically clashing with a Malagasy deputy, he would notice that the large majority of the Malagasy population, which has quite little to do with his local circle of friends, is impatiently expecting for Ravalomanana´s return. So… would you not be well advised to contribute to his come back, knowing that he will come back to power anyway? You, beloved France, drove him away, and he, Ravalomanana, is not famed for his easy mercy. You are consequently closer to waving farewell to this once jewel of the French colonization than to anything else. Mr. President, are you being told about the daily number of casualties in Syria, as you were with that in Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Egypt… Have you ever heard about how many Madagascans do die of hunger on a daily basis, for lack of healthcare, out of despair, and economic trouble related violence in a peaceful country which has so far never been experiencing any civil war? What a terrific bonus to peace and wisdom from the West! And how lucky you definitely are, dear France, Madagascans are so kind, just like the menial and obedient one you´re about to welcome… Mr. President, Oh! Yes…may I quote: “The African did not integrate history ” … Who do you believe did stand on his way? You did, France! I beg your forgiveness for having to give up minding my following words, although even you might be used to them, but more than 50 years after the “Independence suns” historical turns, could you possibly mention today any single one of France´s former colonies which is not in the shit? ! Long live France. Christian Chadefaux