Tuesday , 31 January 2023
Although the very President of the Republic has the engagement of talks with both major aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing high on his schedule, it does not prove enough to restore confidence among the employees of Air Madagascar, still disappointed and still traumatized by the setback recently suffered when the government unexpectedly sided with Air France like a turncoat while it was audaciously challenged by them. As for the classification of the national airline company in the European aviation institution's B category, this issue would actually originate from the trade competition concerning the renewal of the fleet's aircrafts and from commercial exploitation policies as well.

Air Madagascar airlines: just not yet in safety zone

“Although the staff of Air Madagascar suffered a blow, its claim proved not totally unjustified in the end,” conceded an employee of Air Madagascar when assessing the turbulences the airline company has been through. “People used to believe us to be in for confronting Air France all alone, but we were not really. In reality, we were trying to combine forces with our own government to defend our interests and certainly not those of the French”, he added. Keeping going easy seems however out of date when danger actually draws very close to home:  “France and its airlines are proceeding to seize complete control of a market which used to be Air Madagascar’s own. Our government is the one supposed to put an end to this lordship. The message seems to have gone down like a lead balloon though. “
Yet the debate initially revolved around the relegation of the Malagasy airline company into the European Appendix B. France’s alleged scheming of this process was dismissed by the Malagasy Minister of Transportation. “Who else has an interest in Air Madagascar’s incapacitation to operate flights to Europe… but Air France? “revealed our source, who insisted on remaining anonymous. He regretted that most routes to Europe are on the verge of being claimed by the French. “There is another danger that has not been highlighted enough. France and its airline companies are currently setting about bringing the fight on our home market and taking the home air traffic over as well. From the central turning plate Antananarivo city, tourists would no longer have to rely on the local airline company all alone to join Mahajanga, Fort-Dauphin, Toamasina or Antsiranana. “
Besides, Air Madagascar’s pilots, crews and technicians have long been voicing despise for the Airbus type aircrafts they have to work on. The choice of the French-European aircraft manufacturer has actually always been held as a purely politically, anyway not technically, let alone commercially motivated decision. “Why on earth do we have to make do with outdated aircrafts, smaller in size and capacity, more expensive to operate and nevertheless more prone to engine failures?!” vociferated the militant employee while losing his composure. We miss out on one or two flights and guess who comes to the rescue of stranded passengers… yes it is…Air France, sending one of its…Boeing type aircrafts!! Just have it this way, will you? as long we get content with outdated airbus aircrafts willingly dumped by France, we stand extremely few chances to ever emerge out of the Appendix B again” he concluded.
When a president, a chief of state, comes to engage talks with major aircraft manufacturers to negotiate potential trade of equipment, the decision necessarily happens to be intertwined with politics. The national airline company generally ends up with aircrafts much less profitable to operate, for instance, a over aged first generation four-engine which has low capacity in terms of passengers. No wonder after all, bearing in mind that Air Madagascar’s very administration happens to be totally submitted to politics, with the ruling power as its major stakeholder. Well then! So, Airbus or Boeing type aircrafts for the airline company “Hery Madagascar”?