Saturday , 2 July 2022
Tourism professionals and local authorities jointly decided to found an investigation squad against sexual tourism in Nosy Be

An investigation squad against sexual tourism on Nosy Be island

That kind of tourism is a fact in the Great Isle. Everyone knows about it, but a significant number of honest professionals are fighting the scourge, as a matter of fact.  
Madagascar has got lots of foreign stalkers in search of new opportunities. Pornographic movies shot over the Great Isle´s wonderful sandy beaches with European actors and Malagasy girls equally blossomed. For example, the capital city´s newspapers recently published the photo of a French child molester living in Toamasina city.  
These isolated incidents must however not be allowed to damage either the reputation of tourism in the country. On this account, Nosy Be island´s professionals decided to tackle the issue seriously, as the country´s northern part happens to be the great isle´s most visited one