Wednesday , 6 July 2022
The political crisis has taken a significant toll from the professional world. Frederic is a young self making man in the information and communication technology field. Up to the year 2009, he used to have ten employees working for him. He has been having to figure another breadwinning job ever since.

“Before the crisis, I used to own ten computers and have ten employees”

“Before the crisis, I owned ten computers and had ten employees, but I am on my own now, and even had to apply for a job for a living by the end of the year 2009” grieved Frederic, compelled to sell out his hardware bit by bit to keep his own self, his wife and their five children afloat. “The putsch has entailed foreign financial support cuts for developments, and my activity field did not escape the shockwave, since my customers used to be closely intertwined with these internationally supported projects” he described while adding: “my only wish is stability recovery and gradual resumption of financial support to economic activities.” Frederic has himself turned into an employee by now. He regretfully recalled that: “working for others used to be out of the point, yet, I had to resume doing so.” His small business might have struggled much to keep running, lost all of its helmsmen, is however not yet dead, agonizing while stoically expecting better days in order to get revived… expecting an elusive end to the crisis