Tuesday , 5 July 2022
The SADC's Troika held a meeting in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, and outlined the need to implement the crisis settlement Roadmap to the full. This issue remained one of the main topics addressed by this meeting of this regional organization's heads of state held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, on August 17th and 18th.

Crisis settlement roadmap: the SADC and the European Union focusing on its incomplete implementation process again

The completion of this process leads to the right to recover home soil to be unconditionally granted to former president Marc Ravalomanana. As for Antonio Sanchez Benedito Gaspar, new ambassador of the E U and head of the European Union’s delegation sent to Madagascar, he clearly emphasized the need to draw this process agreed on back on September 2011 to a complying conclusion. Long before the SADC or the European Union, the United States of America equally stressed compliance with each and every article of the crisis settlement roadmap. The US-American charge d affaire in Antananarivo unequivocally renewed this request in the name of the International Community on July 4th in his formal Independence Day speech. One of the latest main issues in this process remains the return of former president from his South African exile to home soil, left following the political putsch directed against him back in 2009. The Great Isle’s foreign partners will consider any “constitutional normality” as recovered when assessing reconciliation between all of the leading political leaders as a done deal. The crisis settlement Roadmap’s article 20, granting the right to return home safe and sound to all political exiled figures, will not possibly be circumvented. For the time being, the new ruling power does not want to hear of any physical return of Marc Ravalomanana back to Great Isle. The local foreign office retained the former president’s expired passport, with the back effect of blocking him where he is. The former president has, nonetheless, displayed much self confidence at the conclusion of the Troika’s latest meeting. His recovery of home soil is back to the main headlines. Only the capitalization of the SADC’s resolution proves more problematic.