Monday , 4 July 2022
In the run of the International Tourism Fair’s third conference on tourism hosted by the Carlton Hotel in Antananarivo, the role played by regional and local authorities into the development of tourism was addressed. Several communes together with their partners actually tackled projects and dared investments for the sake of boosting tourism. These investments are expected to create many more job providers within Madagascan village communities.

Key partners for any viable tourism: the communes

The speaker, Roger Mahazoasy, former Minister of Tourism and current Director of decentralized cooperation department within the Ministry in charge of Decentralization, provided quite a detailed exposal about the involved or to be involved municipalities’ roles, potential and duties into the development of tourism as a whole in Madagascar.

He particularly focused on an analysis of the “think globally but act locally” principle. Were provided specific recommendations, such as the accurate collection of taxes or the need to erect local departments deemed to address tourism related issues in each and every commune.