Sunday , 29 January 2023
The people living in villages surrounding Andringitra mountains are very accomodating. They are so much different from what one sees in the cities that we might think we reached another world.

Meet with Andringitra population

The surroundings of Andringitra mountains are populated with villagers of the “Betsileo” ethnic group or by “Baras”, a little more in the south.  The population knew how to preserve its own culture.  Many of the young men have now chosen to become baggagemen for visitors of the national park who do generally not like to carry their own luggage during the walk and when climbing the mountains.  One is astonished to see them arriving two good hours in advance at the camp after a many kilometers of climbing.  When evenings come, with their traditional musical instrument, they animate the group around a campfire.  The warmth is welcome, even more so as the site is one of the coldest in Madagascar with its icy wind.  In winter, the temperature often drops below -5° C.