Sunday , 29 January 2023
One of the greater circuits in the park of Marojejy leads to a natural swimming pool where the bath is at the same time pleasant and relaxing.

Natural swimming pool in the montain of Marojejy

With its 60.130 ha of forests and moors, Marojejy is without question among the best sites of holidays of the Northern part of the Large Island. After hours of walk, nothing is not more pleasant as a bath.  Moreover when it is in a natural swimming pool.  Right in the middle of the forest.  Approximately thousand meters high.  No chemicals however are here to preserve the natural aspect of the swimming pool.  So be careful not to polute the sight. The same circuit gives the possibility of admiring a splendid waterfall.  And also allows, for a minimum stay of two or three days in the park, and with the proviso of having a good guide, to meet the famous “Simpona” lemur. A species with white fur endemic of the forest of Marojejy.