Saturday , 2 July 2022
Even though the crisis lasts, it is from now on exclusively political. The national Tourism Office or ONTM already notices the fothcoming resumption of the tourist activities in Madagascar.

Re launch plan: the ONTM stands by the medias

The ONTM, with the Tourism relaunch Task Force, are going to invite some foreign journalists to Madagascar. The press conference will be an occasion to emphasize ” that it is possible to practice the tourism in Madagascar because tourist sites to visit are completely secure “, said Joël Randriamandranto. 

Apart from this international campaign, the office monitoring the promotion of Tourism in Madagascar plans road shows. The aim is to approach foreign professionals to explain them Madagascar’s current situation, explained Joël Randriamandranto. 

Some weekly statements will be sent to follow the situation in Madagascar. They would concern the political context as well as information related to the sector, such as news about housing for example. 

For Madagascan journalists, the ONTM prepares some “eductours” or educational tours. The message to get across will be the restoration of security. The re launch plan of the tourist sector grants a fundamental importance to the medias. The ominous effects of negative information heavily contributed to in the tourism recession in the country.