Sunday , 23 June 2024
The international community in general didn't appreciate Andry Rajoelina's "one-sided" initiative to finish the Transition off all alone. .

Roindefo government: The international community is not happy


“One-sided “, therefore contrary to the Maputo mindset and agreements. In those terms did representatives of the diplomatic corps in Antananarivo, as well as the Mediation group members in mission in Madagascar, qualify the Rajoelina mobility’s decision to put its own government in place. 


The mediation group is expressing a “concerned evolution of the political situation” in Madagascar, and recalling “the necessity for the Malagasy parts to find a peaceful, consensual, inclusive and neutral solution to the crisis”. Well, the good old statement since the beginning of the crisis back in January 2009. 


The Contact Group is “considering the Transition’s Charter and the subsequent agreements signed in Maputo on August 9th, as the boundaries of a consensus for a peaceful end to the crisis” 


In spite of the worsening situation, mediators are keeping on militating for the resumption of negotiations between the big four political parties (Andry Rajoelina, Marc Ravalomanana, Didier Ratsiraka and Albert Zafy). 


The Southern African Development Community (SADC) will be assessing Madagascar’s case within a couple of days during its summit in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. New international sanctions are hovering on a Great Isle on the verge of sinking into another social and economic crisis.