Monday , 4 July 2022
Changing with the times SAVA returns to its previous state of village country.

SAVA becomes a place to live well and take a vacation.

Roads are being rebuilt and local access improves daily. The highway between the two major towns of the region, Sambava and Antalaha, has been completely restored. Midi writes, ?Sava is well on its way to economic development. Antalaha, one of the districts of note in this region, is not far behind with new roadways completed and others still under construction in town itself. Such as the paved road behind the municipal stadium and in Ambondrona. In Antalaha several projects of note are underway, notably small boat construction, maritime as well as terrestrial traffic is on the increase and the several different businesses are generating revenue all around. Not to mention the several tourist infrastructures being setup here and there that are as good as any, by international standards. Take a look at the Hotel Restaurant Plage Momo or les Cocotiers and such. Tourist operators know Antalaha can do very well in this market if basic infrastructures are improved and we take advantage of the very real whale watching opportunities. The town has to participate in the development of these resources. Town and industry must work together to improve economic possibilities for all, while rebuilding a more welcoming and attractive tourist destination. Antalaha has become a town where one can enjoy life and take a vacation too.?