Wednesday , 6 July 2022
The new Prime Minister , Kolo Roger , was not yet in the suitable position to lead his first cabinet meeting, three weeks after the formation of the new government. The situation is nowhere near to match everyone’s expectations.

Stalemate at the government level

The blame for this delay partly may be put on the reshuffle of certain ministerial departments. According to the newspaper Midi Madagascar: “Many observers have been wondering why Prime Minister Kolo Roger happens to be struggling to preside cabinet meetings so far . The absence of cabinet meetings since the formation of the team led by Dr. Roger Kolo is paralyzing a certain number of normally active ministerial departments. And the new ones are not yet servicing at all. Newly created sections as well as former ones taken apart and restructured are now in a stalemate. Many observers therefore wonder why the new Prime Minister seems to be straggling now that a Cabinet Meeting in Mahazoarivo expected to restore order is at most required. May it remain clear that inside these newly created departments, new leaders are already doing their work, can however not sign any document because of the lack of formal appointment from a cabinet meeting. The new head of government is, hopefully, aware of this stalemate that interferes with the administration. This continuity failure entails collateral damage as well. Major traders already groan about this situation. Their paperwork are indefinitely expecting elusive signatures from their respectively concerned departmental levels. In short, the lack of ordered Cabinet Meetings undermines the economy as a whole “