Saturday , 2 July 2022
In the North of Madagascar, Nosy Be island has long been widely famed as a tourist attraction. About six, seven miles away from Nosy Be, a smaller and much less famed island named Tanikely provides however a taste of heaven to underwater diving lovers

Tanikely, the lost paradise

A stay on Nosy Be is no stay without a call in to Tanikely Island (translated: piece of land). Divers have long been enjoying the charms of this small choke of land lost between the channel and the ocean. Its white sandy beaches happen to be much suited to picnics and sunbaths as well during breaks. The up to 20 yards deep underwater nature is the highlight to passionate divers. Scores of fish and sea turtles actually belong to endemic species. And even to those who do not forcibly dive, Tanikely island has a lot to offer; from Ambatoloaka, in the southern side of Nosy Be to the island’ shores, the outstanding sight, enjoyed from canoes or from yachts is definitely worth the hour and a half long trip.