Thursday , 22 February 2024
The swarms of migrating locust were thought to have or have been drifted away from the capital city's perimeter. They have not, they were not, and they are back. In the evening of May 15th, the locusts took the royal palace of Ambohimanga, in the north of Antananarivo city, and swept across the surrounding villages and their rice fields on the following days.

The capital city’s outskirts assaulted by migrating locusts

They shattered the local populations to the core. A little more than one month earlier, the migrating locusts led onslaughts from the southern part of Antananarivo city. The Agriculture Ministry mobilized to cleanse the front lines by then, but failed to react anywhere near accordingly when the inhabitants of Ambohimanga signaled the unexpected advance of migrating locust swarms onto their northern positions. The villagers were left on their own. During the weekend, the migrating locusts kept on laying waste at several hamlets of the area. Another front appeared in the West side of the capital city in Vontovorona. Vanguards were told on Sunday to have reached Ambohidratrimo in the northwestern end of the capital city. And the ruling power seems to have no forces to oppose the hordes on the move. President Hery Rajaonarimampianina preferred touring Nosy Be while his Prime Minister Kolo Roger flew to a medical meeting in Geneva.