Wednesday , 6 July 2022
The National Assembly officially took knowledge of the latest decentralization wanna be act. Yet, prudence commanded the deputies to keep away from right away debating the act which is on the verge of leading to the division of Antananarivo city in six different districts

The division of Antananarivo city avoided by a thread

According to the MIDI MADAGASIKARA newsgroup’s article: … considering the issue’s complexity, deputies found it more cautious to call the adoption of legislative prerogatives concerning the division of Antananarivo Renivohitra in six different communes. There is no need to hurry and eventually botch this division of Antananarivo city up. Deputies jointly agreed on this particular point without an exception. On this account, they all decided in the run of their meeting to address the law draft on another due time, namely in October, during the next national assembly ordinary session. In between, the pending division of the capital city will keep fueling scores of talks and off the scene debates in Madagascar.
As for the EXPRESS OF MADAGASCAR: each deputy who required the right to speak during this ordinary session acknowledged that the division of Antananarivo constitutes the main braking issue to the act concerning the CTD’s resources among others. With the Act VI and its divergent content off the table, more than eighty deputies unanimously passed the rest of the law draft.