Tuesday , 5 July 2022
The Ministry of Communication's new workshop will soon be on its way to turn a new communication code out, yet not to some reporters' liking for they have been addressing the issue over several decades so far.

The fear from a new communication code draft

Over the latest 15 years, several workshop have been successively focusing on new communication codes, and associations of reporters have never been making any secret of their rejection the patched up draft, namely their discrepancy with governments usually keen on emphasizing bans and sanctions against media professionals in case of jaywalking. The debate had no end whenever it was all about addressing any new communication code draft. As a consequence, not a single workshop has successfully come to a widely satisfying end to this day. By now, the Communication Ministry even appears ready and waiting to take on the opposition and deal with it its own way. The first available leaks from the ministry brought however the reporters to join forces on the spot and stand tall like one man to the upcoming foe. Battle noise is already resounding from no longer too far away