Monday , 8 August 2022
The hill of Ambohidrabiby is about twenty kilometres to the north of the capital city. In a typical setting of the Madagascan downs, Ambohidrabiby is easily accessible.

The hill of king Ralambo

It is impossible to speak of the Ambohidrabiby hill, without evoking the history of the Great Isle’s kingdom of the Downs. For historic motives, the sites that are bound one way or another to the history of Madagascar attract more and more national or foreign visitors. On the hill of Ambohidrabiby, king Ralambo established the basis of his reign until 1610. Ralambo was the first king who promoted the consumption of cattle meat on the central regions of the Great Isle.  


The gates by which the king introduced for the first time the cattle are still even visible. Ambohidrabiby has been classified among the 12 sacred hills of the kingdom of Imerina. King Andrianampoinimerina settled one of his wives, Rasendrasoa, there too. 


The architecture of the hill’s houses is the typical one of the farming world in the center of Madagascar. Today, the local population is essentially made of farmers and silk craftsmen.