Monday , 4 July 2022
Founded in 1725 by Andriamangarira, the city of Antsahadinta still conceals many vestiges of the past.

The old city of Andriamangarira

It is not only for the beauty of its typical landscape in the rural world of the Malagasy highlands that the hill of Antsahadinta deserves a detailed attention. Located a few kilometers west of the capital, Antananarivo, Antsahadinta belongs to the 12 crowned hills which constituted the pillar of the Imerina royalty in the center of the country and from which began a true unification of the Large Island. Currently, a local association is looking at rehabilitating the vestiges of the past in Antsahadinta. These vestiges often bring a batch of revelation. It is in Antsahadinta, for example, that Rabodozafimanjaka rests, one of the wives of the unifying King of Imerina, Andrianampoinimerina. It is known to have been poisoned because she betrayed the king.