Monday , 8 August 2022
It's a disaster. Visitors and inhabitants of the tourist village of Foulpointe contemplated in impotency the fire which started at noon on Monday August 17th. Stirred by a powerful sea wind, the fire spread quickly and could not be mastered, for lack of means.

The tourist village of Foulpointe wrecked by fire


Half of the Foulpointe tourist village’s homes have been devastated by fire on Monday. The fire has been triggered by a feather brain tourist. A fire supposed to be cooking food reached a car. The car exploded and set fire to the homes of the surroundings. The drama was, then, unavoidable. 

Cages characteristically made of wood and straw in straws in this tourist village only were a spreading factor for the fire. Boosted by a stronger than usual sea wind, the fire unleashed itself and wrecked a havoc on homes, one after the other. Cages proximity favoured the spread as well. 

Nothing could stop the fire, not even the national road which is parting the village in two. The fire passed from one side of the pavement to the other. The national road crossing the village has been cut until the fire was mastered. 

The damages are important. Homes, shops and especially about twenty tourist infrastructures have been lost. The flames kept on destroying in front of the though impotence of both population and authorities. The village doesn’t have anti-fire equipment. 

The fire made at least a victim in Foulpointe but the account might become worse. Four seriously injured people have been taken to the hospital. By the end of the afternoon, the fire has been mastered even though some isolated fire points persist. The big hotels close to the beach have been spared. 

The tourist village, a particularly delightful destination for both national and foreign tourists, had yet overcome the crisis. The flow restarted from the Assumption period. After this black Monday, tourism will necessarily be damaged in Foulpointe.